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Traffic cops

I just can’t put into words how annoyed I am at the fact that NYC uses parking tickets to generate revenue. Let’s face it: fines – these monetary penalties levied by “the people” vs. your sorry arse exist because you do something that isn’t severe enough to warrant being tossed in the can.

But this city has decided it’s going to give social rejects with bully complexes the authority to give tickets. And they do a horrible job! Basically, they slack off as long as possible, and then rush to meet their daily quota as they run out of time o­n their shifts. They give nonsense tickets that the average person must then dispute. And unlike the core justice values of the country, the city extorts money from its residents because you’re guilty of this summons until you s prove this ticket is wrong. The whole process takes about 2 hours, and most people just cough up the cash because it’s such a hassle. You end up loosing out more by missing an afternoon of work than you do by just paying the damn fine.

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