How to disable the sound on an LG Microwave (model LMC2075)

Posted by Admin on May 10, 2021

I recently got a new LG microwave because my GE Profile started misbehaving and eventually died.  For the record, every GE Profile kitchen appliance I bought has failed, and that rant is for another post.

How to disable the annoying tones: hold down “Stop” and “Timer” for a few seconds.  The display will say “OFF”.  You will now have silence.  If you want to turn on the sound, use the same key combination and the display will say “ON”.

I appreciate the honest salespeople at PC Richard and Home Depot, who explained that all consumer grade microwaves will fail in about 5-6 years, so get the service contract. Lesson learned, these appliances are now consumables, and won’t last 18 years like the durable microwave my parents bought when I was a kid.  OK.  So time to buy something cheap.  I found this LG on sale for $199.

The electronic melody when it starts and stops is SO ANNOYING that it quickly became an issue in my home.  We wanted to punt this thing.  I went searching for how-to videos, and found several, but nobody had a video for this particular model.  I was inspired by this guy’s video, with a similar microwave.  After watching it, I tried a few key combinations, and after some quick trial and error, I found it: hold down the “Stop” and “Timer” buttons for a few seconds.  That will toggle the sound on and off.

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