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OSX slow boot after cloning drive with SuperDuper

Posted by Admin on August 13, 2019
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I just upgraded my MacBook Air with a 1TB SSD from OWC. I cloned the OS drive with SuperDuper, and then pulled out the old drive and installed the new cloned drive.

When I booted up the machine, it hung for an unusually long delay.  After that, it worked.  It just took an unusually long time for the boot to get going.

Here’s the issue: you need to tell OSX to use this new drive as the boot drive.  Here’s the deal: it’s looking for the old drive, and when that times out, it falls back onto whatever is left, which is the new drive you just installed.

Here’s the fix: go to Settings -> Startup Disk -> Unlock (enter your password) -> Click on your boot drive -> Lock again.


It’s worth noting that this issue has nothing to do with SuperDuper, it’s all about OSX knowing what disk to use when it boots up.  SuperDuper comes up in every search because everyone uses it – it’s such an excellent tool for cloning or backing up your drive.

The next time you boot, you’ll see it goes much faster.  You might also have problems like permissions need to be “fixed.” This can happen if you’ve been running the same O/S and installing, uninstalling software for a few years.  To do this, go to Applications -> Utilities -> Disk Utility -> Select the O/S or boot drive -> First Aid -> Run

Good luck!


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