VMware Acronyms

Posted by Admin on May 10, 2010
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So I’ve been working with VMware quite a bit for the past few years and I just learned what the “ESX” in VMware ESX stands for:

  • ESX = Elastic Sky X
  • GSX = Ground Storm X  (VMware GSX was the predecessor to VMware server, their host-based server virtualization product)

So the next time somebody talks about “Enterprise” or “Groupware”, you’ll know that info is incorrect.

Thanks to Carl Linkletter for the following additional VMware acronyms:

  • VPX = Virtual Provisioning X
  • VPXA = Virtual Provisioning X Agent
  • VPXD = Virtual Provisioning X Daemon
  • VMX = Virtual Machine eXecutable
  • AAM = Automated Availability Manager
  • VIX = Virtual Infrastructure eXtension
  • VIM = Virtual Infrastructure Management

Another cool acronym: TWAIN = Technology Without An Interesting Name

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