Belle’s Cafe

Posted by Admin on July 09, 2006

kfok.jpgWesthampton Airport (also knownas Francis S. Gabreski, or KFOK), is home to a little restaurant called Belle’s Cafe.

Located about 50nm West of New York City, and once a military airbase, this airport is now mainly a civilian home to general aviation, with an occasional C130 flying in.

When you land, taxi to the base of the tower, shut down, hop out, and go enjoy some great food.

I contributed this little review to the website:


A small cozy place with home-cooked food. The value is not in the presentation, but in the flavors. The Carribean and Cajun inspired dishes depart from anything you’ll find this far North. Don’t ruin your appetite with the Corn Chowder and warm Corn Bread. I followed the intro with Lobster Bisque, and Seared Catfish. You don’t really find sweet potato mash very often. There are also dishes for the less adventuresome – steak, pork chops, shrimp etc. Expect the shell on your shrimp, and you’re expected to eat with your hands.

The food and the pace are relaxed, and really contrast with NYC, just 50 NM to the East. This is not a place for a 15 minute meal on the run. Expect to wait if you arrive at peak hours, and expect not to be rushed while you eat. It may seem a little pricey, but considering it’s basically a home cooked meal, and considering you just FLEW IN for dinner, there’s no complaining about the price. A friend and I gorged ourselves on the day’s top-priced specials for about $75 total, with tip. There’s live music on weekends, which may be a little loud if you want intimate conversation. It’s BYOB if your passengers want an alcoholic beverage, so pack a cooler; otherwise, they have the standard soda, water, etc., be sure to try the cinnamon ice tea. Also, consider yourself warned about the Key Lime Pie.

Much love to Didi (the owner).

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