Junk Mail

Posted by Admin on October 01, 2009
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NoMikeI wonder if anyone else in New York City is as absolutely annoyed as I am by the volume of junk mail I’ve received from Bloomberg’s reelection campaign.

Granted, I’m a bit jaded.

Fundamentally I’m vexed that Mayor Bloomberg, in his second term, decided to abolish the term limits law that “we the people” voted into effect. I’ll give him credit for having guts! To bulldoze a law that the electorate put on the books and then to try and convince that same electorate to vote for him means one of two things: either Mayor Mike is Hoodini, or people are genuinely senseless enough to accept a politician who has no respect for the electorate he supposedly represents and serves.


Mike Bloomberg: just say no!

Posted by Admin on July 02, 2009
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NoMikeI don’t like Bloomberg’s corporate policies. Did you know that if you work at Bloomberg’s company, if you resign or quit, let’s say to go earn more money, you can never come back? The philosophy is that “you were employed as an asset to the company and if you leave, you’re hurting the company. How could we hire back someone who would hurt the company?” But the corporate environment there is no better than most corporate environments.

Despite bringing a reasonable business acumen to the Mayor’s office and not being in the pocket of big business, I don’t like Mike’s mayoral policies either. I’m going to speak about the ones that have impacted me.

First of all, how is it acceptable for a politician to do a power-grab in plain sight and nobody be COMPLETELY up in arms? I mean, this guy has changed one of the most fundamental laws in our country, and through financial might (nobody can oppose his advertisement coffers) and political power (due to the fact that nobody will be able to oppose him, nobody else will stand in his way and risk political suicide) he has managed to steal power from the voters.

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NY State Senate is a joke

Posted by Admin on June 30, 2009
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NY State SealIf you live in New York State, whomever your state senator is, you need to vote for the person who runs against the incumbent at the next election. The only way these morons will learn that their irresponsible partisanship and poor judgment is unacceptable is if they lose their seats as a result of their behavior.