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Flush DNS

So if you’re a sysadmin and you use MAC OS, you might at some point need your machine to forget the current DNS info for a domain as you move it around, so it can refresh from … let’s say the DNS zone files you just edited.

MACpro:~ user$ dscacheutil -flushcache

And voila!  You’re done.  Go ahead and refresh that site.


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Thank you to the nice Chinese lady

So yesterday my wife and I got onto the #6 train at Spring Street.  The train was very crowded (as seems to always be the case lately), and this little Chinese lady with gray hair exclaims: “You, close your legs so the pregnant lady can sit down…. Lady, you sit down there!”

Lately, I’ve been a little sour on NYC, but there are times when I love this city.

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