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How to use a Netgear WGR614 wireless router as a bridge

Posted by Admin on October 04, 2009
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WGR614The short answer, don’t plug your uplink into the internet slot, instead plug it into one of the four internal ports. This page on Netgear’s web site does a so-so job explaining, but the diagram is pretty good.

Before you do this, make sure you’ve configured the LAN IP of your WGR614 to be a member of your IP network, preferably with a Static IP rather than as a DHCP client, so you can find the device later should you want to admin its setup.  Technically though, that’s not really necessary as a network bridge will simply pass the traffic regardless if it is addressable or not!  This can make your Access Point very secure by only being addressable on another logical IP network (although security through obscurity is probably not the only thing you should rely on).  Also, don’t forget to deactivate the built-in DHCP server, unless you actually want to use it in which case make sure your DHCP scope is consistent with your existing network and doesn’t overlap with the scopes of other DHCP servers… but if you’ve read this far and know what I’m talking about, you probably knew that.  We can simply ignore the WAN setup since it’s not at all used.

If you’re at all curious why I did this, here’s the full story…

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Junk Mail

Posted by Admin on October 01, 2009
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NoMikeI wonder if anyone else in New York City is as absolutely annoyed as I am by the volume of junk mail I’ve received from Bloomberg’s reelection campaign.

Granted, I’m a bit jaded.

Fundamentally I’m vexed that Mayor Bloomberg, in his second term, decided to abolish the term limits law that “we the people” voted into effect. I’ll give him credit for having guts! To bulldoze a law that the electorate put on the books and then to try and convince that same electorate to vote for him means one of two things: either Mayor Mike is Hoodini, or people are genuinely senseless enough to accept a politician who has no respect for the electorate he supposedly represents and serves.