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San Francisco

Posted by Admin on January 18, 2008
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Spent a week working in San Francisco. Considering it was the middle of January, it was quite pleasant at a balmy 50 degrees Fahrenheit. I didn’t take as many photos as I would have liked, but I did manage to catch a video of the Market / Powell cable car doing a turnaround.

2 years since my PPL

Posted by Admin on January 12, 2008
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It’s been about two years since I got my check ride.

While flying, I’ve had the privilege of seeing some of the most beautiful things imaginable, from incredible sunsets to entire cities whisping by beyond the clouds. Given that I was actually flying the plane, I’ve only been able to capture a fraction of them. To celebrate this 2-year anniversary, I threw together a little video of the few moments I did manage to catch.

A BIG thank you to my flight instructors who made it possible for me to realize a dream that I first had when I was 4 years old.

Hubble’s Top 10

Posted by Admin on January 07, 2008
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Don’t ask me why there are only nine…

M104 The Galaxy – 28 million light years from Earth – was voted best picture taken by the Hubble telescope. The
dimensions of the galaxy, officially called M104, are as spectacular as its appearance. It has 800 billion suns and is 50,000 light years across.

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using the “dd” command

Posted by Admin on January 05, 2008
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So I’m a recent MAC convert. One of the reasons is that it’s a native UNIX operating system, which means if you’re not too squeamish about using the command line, you can do most anything without having to “buy” software. In this case, using the command “dd” to create iso images…

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